* Tiziano Müller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Torsten Veller schrieb:
> > Let me please point out that no infrastructure team member is
> > on the list right now.
> > 
> > As infra is often involved in implementing council decisions we should
> > take care that the information flows. IMHO the easiest way to achieve this
> > is electing an infra member to the council.
> In the contrary. We should see that not too much power/responsibility is
> concentrated on a single person.
> Since...
> a) This guarantees that the council comes to a decision which is not
> influenced by the (direct and already known) interest of it's members
> and
> b) Reduces the risk for Gentoo when someone with more than one key
> position leaves

If devs in a key position leave, it's often a problem. But I don't see
a concentration problem here.

> And if someone has to be in a council/whatsoever to get the relevant
> information, something else is broken.

I didn't write that and didn't meant that.

> And tweaking the election procedure to reach that someone from a
> special project is elected is somehow questionable, don't you think?

No. I also vote this way.
I want the council to represent Gentoo as a whole and be represented by
Gentoo as a whole. I think it helps the other council members too if
there is e.g. an infra member to take care of the infra stance.

But: A council without an infra member can do a good job too.

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