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> * Tiziano Müller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>> Torsten Veller schrieb:
>> > Let me please point out that no infrastructure team member is on the
>> > list right now.
>> > 
>> > As infra is often involved in implementing council decisions we
>> > should take care that the information flows. IMHO the easiest way to
>> > achieve this is electing an infra member to the council.
>> In the contrary. We should see that not too much power/responsibility
>> is concentrated on a single person.
>> Since...
>> a) This guarantees that the council comes to a decision which is not
>> influenced by the (direct and already known) interest of it's members
>> and
>> b) Reduces the risk for Gentoo when someone with more than one key
>> position leaves
> If devs in a key position leave, it's often a problem. But I don't see a
> concentration problem here.

The problem in practice is this:  As Chris G. I believe it was pointed 
out, being a Council member is "hella" stressful.  (From memory so the 
numbers are fuzzy, ask Chris.)  Of the this term's seven elected council 
members, two ended up retiring from Gentoo entirely, while others almost 
did and/or resigned from their council position.  Few of the remaining 
ones are interested in ever running for the position again.

So serious as a heart attack, there is a real problem.  Unfortunately, as 
currently structured, the stress on council is great enough that people 
/do/ leave in the middle of their term, so it's best to consider that a 
real likelihood when thinking about nominations and votes for council.

I respect Chris G a lot, but it's very obvious the stress has affected 
how he deals with Gentoo as well, and he's stated no way is he interested 
in the position again.  I think everybody nominated even more than those 
voting would do well to pay serious attention to what he says on the 
subject, because how they handle their duties as council members has a 
very real likelihood of permanently affecting their relationship with 

I know if I were a dev and nominated, I'd be seriously contemplating 
whether it were worth doing, in the light of how dramatically it 
negatively affected the Gentoo life of last years elected council.  
There's no escaping the reality, however one might wish to pretend it 
won't affect them.  I'd be asking myself if the council position was 
worth possibly getting so burnt out and fed up with Gentoo that I quit.  
Some might believe in what they want to do enough to find it worth it, 
while others believe in their ability to handle the situation 
regardless.  More power to them.  

I do hope that those that accept the nomination and are ultimately 
elected are ready for it, because it really hurts to lose good people, 
and by definition, anyone well respected enough to win an elected seat on 
the council is a "good" person in terms of their contribution to Gentoo, 
or they'd not be winning that seat.  Losing anyone that well respected by 
their peers is GOING to hurt, so I really do hope the folks that are 
running are prepared for what they are getting themselves into, and we 
/don't/ lose anyone due to council duties this coming year.

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