On Friday 03 August 2007, Marijn Schouten (hkBst) wrote:
> Donnie Berkholz wrote:
> > Mike Frysinger wrote:
> >> my point though wasnt to knock ati (although it was fun), the point was
> >> that i do not believe any closed source driver in our tree should ever
> >> be grounds for preventing stabilization of a kernel ebuild
> >>
> >> so next time dsd (or whoever the ninja kernel maintainer happens to be
> >> at the time) says "hey i plan on stabilizing Linux x.y.z" and someone
> >> goes "wait, you cant until we get <closed source driver package foo>
> >> working", the reply is of course "blow it out your arse^H^H^H^Htalk to
> >> the package maintainer, this will not hold up stabilization efforts"
> >
> > If we're gonna go with this policy here, I'm also going to adopt it for
> > X so we don't get stuck in limbo as happened fairly recently.
> If we're going to do this, we should just keep the unfree drivers in
> testing.

i dont think that logically follows the previous argument

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