On Saturday 16 February 2008, Oleg Puchinin wrote:
> " is not compiled At all "
> "works"

All stable ebuilds in the tree should work, if they don't that's an exception 
and will probably get fixed soon after the failure is discovered anyway.
Anyone who is willing to test a new keyword in an ebuild shouldn't have a 
problem filing a KEYWORDREQ in Bugzilla.

> "It is excellent"

If you want package ratings, take a look at ohloh.net or something, shouldn't 
be hard (for a human) to map the package names there to the ones in Gentoo.

> "I wish to see a package in Gentoo "

Again, all the most important software is already in the tree, if you need 
something else, filing a bug is not too much effort.

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