Oleg, please, do not top post.

В Сбт, 16/02/2008 в 15:16 +0600, Oleg Puchinin пишет:
> One hundred programmers which only also do that dig in mountain "bugs"
> a kind " new package ", it, in my opinion, how to use a steam hammer
> to crack nuts. Can it is necessary to make the processes occuring in
> Gentoo by more public?

It's hard to understand what you suggested here. But I think that the
answer is: even if "new package" compiles and works on 10^{any number
here} systems, without maintainer it will not go in the tree and public
testing does not help to resolve "new package" bugs. OTOH I already
wrote you in gentoo-ru 2 possibilities how you can get your package in
the tree and mentioned sunrise overlay...


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