It's my pleasure to introduce Markus Duft (mduft) as a new developer.
He will go among us under the name of mduft, and will work in the
Gentoo/Alt project porting Gentoo Prefix to Interix. Yes, people, that
means Gentoo on Win32.

Markus lives with his wife and daughter in Graz, Austria. He seems to
have many hobbies like reading fantasy novels, building
remote-controlled model planes, crashing remote-controlled model
planes, and last but not least, "playing good old board games" with
his wife. Err... Markus, we are a mature audience here, so no need to
call that "good old board games", OK ?

He shares an office at work with Michael Haubenwallner (haubi), who is
strangely also a member of the Gentoo/alt project.

Please everybody, give a very warm welcome to mduft.

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