> It's my pleasure to introduce Markus Duft (mduft) as a new developer.
> He will go among us under the name of mduft, and will work in the
> Gentoo/Alt project porting Gentoo Prefix to Interix. Yes, people, that
> means Gentoo on Win32.

Hope this doesn't scare away people ;o) Did you have to blazen this out?

> Markus lives with his wife and daughter in Graz, Austria. He seems to
> have many hobbies like reading fantasy novels, building
> remote-controlled model planes, crashing remote-controlled model
> planes, and last but not least, "playing good old board games" with
> his wife. Err... Markus, we are a mature audience here, so no need to
> call that "good old board games", OK ?

Hehe, i feel misunderstood ... :)

> He shares an office at work with Michael Haubenwallner (haubi), who is
> strangely also a member of the Gentoo/alt project.
> Please everybody, give a very warm welcome to mduft.

Thanks ... @Gilles' flamethrower: i don't think that i like it _that_ hot, but 
i haven't tried ;)

Cheers, Markus

> Denis.
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