On 4/30/08, Fabian Groffen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I think in that sense Cygwin is more Open Source, because how you get
>  the primary shell/environment is available too.  However, for me that
>  doesn't matter, as the OS itself is inherently non-free in that sense,
>  so that's what you have to accept first thing anyway.

I separate operating system and applications... Just like you run on
HPUX or AIX... There is Windows.

> Just for your information, we don't do stages at the moment, not in the
>  forseeable future from my point of view either.  Binpkgs are in the
>  planning.  In general we just do a full bootstrap, on Interix you need
>  extra help from "prefix-launcher".

This is sad... I would really like to see fully operating portage on
Windows... It was more important to me in the past when I actually
used this OS...

I this sense [1] was a great idea! You could always use quickpkg to
extract binaries.


[1] http://gentoocygwin.sourceforge.net/
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