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> - bison and flex should get out of the system package set, what
> clearer than moving them out of sys-*? They are not so commonly used
> so there should no compelling reason to have them installed on every
> system;

both are required to build our toolchain.

> - gdb is not part of the system, this might be a problem for
>   crossdev...;

it's part of the sourceware tree.  i think it should stay in sys.

> sys-devel/patch -> app-text/patch


> sys-devel/gettext -> app-i18n/gettext (well, it's part of system for
> G/FBSD, but I'd rather have deps expressed properly...)

:(  (ok, less so than the one above)

> sys-devel/distcc -> dev-util/distcc
> sys-devel/icecream -> dev-util/icecream


> Yes these are a lot of moves, sincerely I think sys-* categories are a
> bit bloated as they are, and I suppose we should start moving the
> things around rather than waiting forever ad ever..

I guess I don't see the point.  If you do move them, don't forget about
documentation changes.

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