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[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò) wrote:

> - bison and flex should get out of the system package set, what
> clearer than moving them out of sys-*?

"system" and the sys-* categories don't have much of a relationsship,
so that's no argument IMO.

> Yes these are a lot of moves, sincerely I think sys-* categories are a
> bit bloated as they are, and I suppose we should start moving the
> things around rather than waiting forever ad ever..

I don't consider that to be a valid reason when looking at the
following numbers:

$ ls -1 /srv/portage/porttree/dev-util/ |wc -l
$ ls -1 /srv/portage/porttree/sys-devel/ |wc -l

~40 packages isn't much for any category, if you really want to
relocate packages you could just as well eliminate the entire category.

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