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> > There's no need to commit straight to stable. Just make two different
> > new revisions for each EAPI. Then the arch teams can test it like usual.
> Aha a perfect canidate use case for GLEP 55[1] that fends off 'why are
> there multiple versions of the same package' questions and
> complexities.

If you're thinking about having two equal versions with different EAPIs,
that's not allowed by GLEP 55:

"Note that it is still not permitted to have more than one ebuild with
equal category, package name, and version. Although it would have the
advantage of allowing authors to provide backwards compatible ebuilds,
it would introduce problems too. The first is the requirement to have
strict EAPI ordering, the second is ensuring that all the ebuilds for a
single category/package-version are equivalent, i.e. installing any of
them has exactly the same effect on a given system."

Santiago Moisés Mola

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