Robin H. Johnson wrote:
1. For handling <herd>no-herd</herd>, we should add an entry into herds.xml to
   catch it (maintainer-needed <at> g.o). Every herd listed in an ebuild MUST 
be in

As rbu pointed out, this is slightly incorrect. Most of my ebuilds contain no-herd. ;) As do others.

2. Herds that do not wish to be contacted for specific bugs should add an
   maintainer element stating that (and use 'ignoreauto' on the element).
   This case however should be very rare, as the package probably doesn't
   belong in the herd if the herd doesn't care about it.
3. If you want the default assignment to go to a maintainer, and NOT the herd, move the <herd> element further down in the metadata.xml!

AFAIK, "default" now it is assign to maintainer and cc herd and nearly always herd is higher up in the file. So, [nearly] all ebuilds will have to change metadata.xml

OT, Do the changes to the bugzie interface block bugzilla 3 migration?

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