Michael Haubenwallner wrote:

> On Thu, 2008-10-09 at 20:11 +0200, Fabian Groffen wrote:
>> sparc-solaris
>> sparc64-solaris
>> x64-solaris
>> x86-solaris
>> Perhaps using KEYWORDS for Prefix keywords is not the best thing to do,
>> and should we use something like PREFIX_KEYWORDS?
> Maybe there is one thing we should consider:
> Since the Solaris kernel is Open now (=OpenSolaris), one could have the
> strange idea of adding some "sys-kernel/solaris-sources-2.11.ebuild", to
> build some distribution eventually called "Gentoo Solaris", which might
> be comparable to Nexenta[1], which uses Debian's APT AFAICS.
Already on my agenda once I've got internet at home again, my server up and
running and all my current bugs squashed.

> As "Gentoo Solaris" would not be the same as "Gentoo Prefix on Solaris",
> it should not share the *-solaris keywords used for Prefix via the same
> KEYWORDS-setting.
what about a new generic schema like: CPU-OS[-prefix] with the possibility
of shell expansion in KEYWORDS to have something like this:
KEYWORDS="{x86,sparc}-linux" or KEYWORDS="linux: x86 sparc ppc freebsd: x86
sparc solaris-prefix: sparc" ?


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