Ben de Groot wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to add a new category to the tree: lxde-base, to be used
> for the LXDE desktop [1,2] packages, in correspondence to the categories
> for the other desktop environments we have (gnome, kde, xfce). With the
> help of a few users I have been developing ebuilds for these packages in
> the lxde overlay [3], and I would like to move the ebuilds for the
> release versions into the official tree now. (The overlay also contains
> live svn ebuilds.)
> LXDE currently has 14 packages that would go into this new category,
> which is comparable to what xfce-base has. It also uses x11-wm/openbox
> as default WM, and x11-misc/pcmanfm as default filemanager, although
> these can be easily swapped for others.
> Comments are welcome!
> 1:
> 2:
> 3:

I dunno . . . given the Xfce (the OTHER lightweight DE) team's decision
to start getting rid of the xfce-* categories, near as I can tell, is
this really consistent with what the rest of the desktop teams are
doin'? Or is it just Xfce that seems to be less consistent with other

Aside from these recent actions, lxde categories seem like a good idea,
same as for all our other desktops.

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