Ben de Groot wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to add a new category to the tree: lxde-base, to be used
> for the LXDE desktop [1,2] packages, in correspondence to the categories
> for the other desktop environments we have (gnome, kde, xfce).
> Comments are welcome!

First, thanks for getting this stuff into the tree; I just synced, and
it's all very nice. 'Cept for one thing:

$ eix -c lxappearance
[N] lxde-base/lxappearance (~0.2): LXDE GTK+ theme switcher
[N] x11-themes/lxappearance (~0.2): a desktop-independent theme switcher
for GTK+
Found 2 matches.

So...any reason why BOTH these packages are still in the tree? Couldn't
one of them have been removed entirely or just moved categories? Because
right now "emerge lxappearance" returns the ambiguous error, and it
really doesn't need to be that tricky. :)

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