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Peter Alfredsen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Wednesday 12 November 2008, Mart Raudsepp wrote:
> > There is still no solution for things that do not break ABI, but get
> > rebuilt with different USE flags, for example the USE=esd fiasco
> > where to get rid of esound you had to remove USE=esd and rebuild
> > many packages with revdep-rebuild for no reason other than libtool
> > being stupid. This stupidity should be fixed, not delayed with
> > workarounds to a small subset of cases.
> I disagree. Just because you can have a feast tomorrow doesn't mean
> that you should abstain from eating today.

Well, you won't make it to the feast if you're stuck at the dam,
plugging all the holes with your fingers.

> > > We talked about this on #gentoo-dev the other day. 200 packages
> > > out of 1000 on my system had to be rebuilt because of this. If
> > > libxcb didn't use la files, that wouldn't have been necessary for
> > > the majority of those. If the packages themselves didn't use la
> > > files, it wouldn't have been necessary either.
> >
> > Or if libtool would be fixed to not cause that pain in the first
> > place..
> That would indeed be nice. Please convince me that you can implement
> an upstreamable solution within 2 months time and I won't be needing
> this function.
> [Snip more pie-in-the-sky]
> Show me the code, please.

If you weren't interested in hearing differing opinions, then why did
you ask in the first place?

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