I'd like to add NETBEANS to USE_EXPAND. Netbeans (www.netbeans.org) is
modular IDE with 18 modules (clusters). Users can freely choose what
support thay want to build in netbeans, though some modules need other
modules to compile and work. Are there any objections?

Here are the modules/clusters:
IUSE_NETBEANS="+netbeans_apisupport netbeans_cnd netbeans_groovy
netbeans_gsf +netbeans_harness +netbeans_ide netbeans_identity
netbeans_j2ee +netbeans_java netbeans_mobility +netbeans_nb netbeans_php
netbeans_profiler netbeans_soa netbeans_visualweb netbeans_webcommon
netbeans_websvccommon netbeans_xml"

Btw, there is also request for this in bugzilla:

I'd like to put the ebuild in the main tree soon as upstream just
released it and we have in the tree only 5.5.1 which is very old.

Thanks for your comments.

Miroslav Šulc (fordfrog)
Gentoo Java Team

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