I do not know about Eclipse that much but from my point of view there is
a big difference between Eclipse and Netbeans. Eclipse is an IDE where
you have to install plugins after installation of Eclipse to make
yourself productive, whereas Netbeans provides complete working IDE in
single package (with the possibility to include/exclude some modules),
although the option for installing extra modules is available too. So
unless Eclipse external modules are installed with the IDE, it makes no
sense to apply the same logic for Eclipse, as the way Eclipse modules
are distributed is quite different from how Netbeans does it.

Miroslav Šulc (fordfrog)
Gentoo Java Team

Robert Bridge napsal(a):
> On Wed, 19 Nov 2008 19:03:12 +0100
> "Miroslav Šulc (fordfrog)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I'd like to add NETBEANS to USE_EXPAND. Netbeans (www.netbeans.org) is
>> modular IDE with 18 modules (clusters). Users can freely choose what
>> support thay want to build in netbeans, though some modules need other
>> modules to compile and work. Are there any objections?
> As a sometimes programmer who prefers Eclipse, would it be an option to
> do something similar for that IDE?
> This obviously leads to the question of when does a package qualify for
> such an option instead of using a set of regular USE flags...
> Just a few thoughts,
> RobbieAB.

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