On 01:44 Tue 09 Dec     , Federico Ferri wrote:
> today I hit this annoyance, because my laptop hung in the middle of an
> 'emerge -e @world' (checking that my world set compiles with
> gcc-4.3... stopped at ~ 300 of 700  :S )
> I was looking for an entry in /var/db/pkg/<cat/pkg>/ that could have
> told me the compiler used to build the package, but couldn't find any.
> indeed it would be a fairly useful feature to have, both for testing
> purposes, and for user's everyday maintenance.
> please criticize this with anything constructive you can think of.

As I mentioned on IRC, I think this isn't a very general use case (given 
the existence of --resume, --keep-going, etc.) so code to accomplish it 
would be better put into a custom portage bashrc than into portage 

ISTR that you could no longer resume for some reason. Perhaps what you 
really wanted was a way to save the resume list across multiple emerges?


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