Andrey Grozin wrote:
On Wed, 24 Dec 2008, Petteri R?ty wrote:
Who has been removing die statements? Is this a suggested way of action
somewhere by someone?
As recently discussed on the list, econf dies by itself, and || die should better be removed after econf. The same is true for, e.g., eqmake4. It was discussed (don't have a reference to the thread at hand) that it would be useful to have a table which shows which functions die by themselves, and which not.


I see this asked every X months and never quite figured out why, (this isn't personal against you, Andrey)

%% pwd
%% grep -l die *

So, that means that none of these die:
%% ls do*
dobin*    dodoc*   dohard*  doinitd*  dolib.a*   domo*      dosed*
doconfd*  doenvd*  dohtml*  doins**  donewins@  dosym*
dodir*    doexe*   doinfo*  dolib*    doman*     dosbin*


%% ls new*
newbin*    newdoc*   newexe*    newins**  newsbin*
newconfd*  newenvd*  newinitd*  newlib.a*  newman*


Take a look for yourself and you will see why there has never been a "table" or anything created. (it is trivial - and you have the source on your computer already)

Maybe this should be a question asked on the new dev quizies.."How do I tell if something dies on its own or not?"


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