Ben de Groot wrote:
> Jeremy Olexa wrote:
>> Andrey Grozin wrote:
>>> It was discussed (don't have a reference to the thread at
>>> hand) that it would be useful to have a table which shows which
>>> functions die by themselves, and which not.
>> I see this asked every X months and never quite figured out why, (this
>> isn't personal against you, Andrey)
> [...]
>> Take a look for yourself and you will see why there has never been a
>> "table" or anything created. (it is trivial - and you have the source on
>> your computer already)
That's more an argument for putting the table on the web than continuing
without adequate documentation. If it's going to change, automate it using
the script you posted (assuming it's watertight.)
> It shouldn't be necessary to grep the source

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