Jeremy Olexa wrote:
> Andrey Grozin wrote:
>> It was discussed (don't have a reference to the thread at
>> hand) that it would be useful to have a table which shows which
>> functions die by themselves, and which not.
>> Andrey
> I see this asked every X months and never quite figured out why, (this
> isn't personal against you, Andrey)
> Take a look for yourself and you will see why there has never been a
> "table" or anything created. (it is trivial - and you have the source on
> your computer already)

It shouldn't be necessary to grep the source, if these things would
follow a simple logical rule, in accordance with the principle of least
surprise. It would be handy to be able to say: all e* functions die, but
do* and new* do not. But tommy's list shows that emake is an exception
to the rule. I'm not aware of any other exceptions, but I can't be sure
unless I go digging through the source. Which really should not be
necessary, in my opinion.

Ben de Groot
Gentoo Linux developer (lxde, media, qt, desktop-misc)
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