On 03/19/10 13:36, Peter Volkov wrote:
> В Срд, 10/03/2010 в 05:08 +0100, Sebastian Pipping пишет:
>> How about a monthly bumpday?
> Good idea, but it should follow our policy to inform maintainers _in
> advance_: e.g. on first bumpday to work on bumps and notify maintainer
> about this work by attaching final ebuild to the version bump bug with
> clear message that you are going to bump and, _next month_ on bumpday
> it's Ok to commit this ebuild to the tree. Just picking bugs and bumping
> them straight to the tree without knowing why maintainer haven't done
> that yet is a bad idea.

Agreed.  However, am I the only one who wouldn't start doing an ebuild
_before_ okay or timeout?  Chances are too high to work for the trashcan.

I recommend a plain post of this text to an affected bug:

  I hereby request this bug and package to be opened to non-maintainer
  bumps.  Unless this bug is closed before April's bumpday (2010-04-17)
  or any of the maintainer objects I may take the liberty of bumping
  this package from April's bumpday on.


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