> Hi Corentin,
> Do you have a public repo for your django code/site available? I would
> really enjoy taking a look at what you have here, sounds cool.
> Thanks,
> Matt

Yes, my git repo is here: http://git.iksaif.net/?p=euscan.git;a=summary
Current dependencies are: eix-0.22.5, gentoolkit-0.3.0 and portage of course.

I didn't took the time to write any kind of documentation, but here is
what you'll find in the repo:
- euscan standalone utility
- euscanwww

Currently euscanwww only have basic templates, models and view. But
you can alreay run these commands to fill the database:

$ emerge --sync
$ eix-update
$ python manage.py scan-portage --all
$ python manage.py scan-metadata --all

I'll implement scan-upstream soon.

The old index.php is still available in earlier revisions.

Corentin Chary

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