>>>>> On Tue, 9 Dec 2014, Michał Górny wrote:

> As for the exact details, I've pretty much decided to go for
> featurism here, IOW making everyone happy. It also proves how absurd
> typing maintainers is but if you really feel like having it, sure.
> The default is 'developer', <herd/> tags would be converted into
> 'herd' and there are other options including 'proxy-maintainer',
> 'project', 'team' meant to fit all our wannabies. The diff explains
> the particular options.

>    <!ELEMENT maintainer ( email, (description| name)* )>
> +    <!-- maintainer organizational type -->
> +    <!-- developer: regular Gentoo developer (direct e-mail) -->
> +    <!-- herd: herd (defined in herds.xml) -->

As the previously stated goal was to get rid of herds, I don't
understand why you want to reintroduce them as a value of the
type attribute. The existing herd elements should become either
type="project" or type="team" (everything that is not a project,
I suppose).

> +    <!-- project: project (having Wiki/g.o project page) -->
> +    <!-- proxy-maintainer: maintainer that is not a Gentoo developer
> +      and commits via a proxy -->

"proxy-maintainer" is very confusing because you won't put the proxy
maintainer there, but the user who is being proxied. Please rename
to something like "proxied" (assuming that this exists as a word in
English) or "by-proxy".

> +    <!-- team: team of people that is not a herd nor a project -->
> +    <!ATTLIST maintainer type (developer|herd|project|proxy-maintainer|team) 
> "developer" >


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