On 2014-12-10 10:41, Sergey Popov wrote:
> 09.12.2014 14:59, Ulrich Mueller пишет:
> > "proxy-maintainer" is very confusing because you won't put the proxy
> > maintainer there, but the user who is being proxied. Please rename
> > to something like "proxied" (assuming that this exists as a word in
> > English) or "by-proxy".
> +1 for that.
> Proxy maintainer is a Gentoo developer, that commits changes, authored
> by proxied maintainer, who does not have commit access to main tree

The Gentoo Dev that's committing the work isn't a maintainer, in
relation to the package. S/he is a committer. So...:

  Gentoo Dev doing the commit: Proxy Committer (or just Proxy)
  Person doing the work: Maintainer-By-Proxy.

Sure, the dev may do a bit of maintenance or cleanup before committing,
but the bulk of the work is done by the maintainer-by-proxy. However, we
can clear up a lot of confusion if we just change our terms slightly to
more strongly indicate the dev's relationship to a package.

And, "proxied" is a word, but it does not mean what we need it to mean. We
could make it mean what we want it to mean, but I think that's kind of
mean. You know what I mean?

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