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> - The project only has 20 commit, last one 8 months ago

The "project" is just a few lines anyway: merely a wrapper to the library.
All the work happens in the itext library which AFAIK is the same project
(in different versions) for pdftk as for mcpdf.
Of course, the new library version might contain new bugs,
as your example seems to suggest (did pdftk work with this example?)

> find /g/portage/ -name '*.ebuild' -exec egrep 'sys-devel/gcc.*gcj' {} +

Searching also through all layman (remote) overlays with

$ eix -#Rry 'sys-devel/gcc[^ ]*gcj'

I found besides the mentioned


one further dependency:

$ eix -Rvle imule
  net-p2p/imule [1]
  [...]  irouter? ( sys-devel/gcc[gcj] ) [...]
  P2P sharing software which connects through I2P and Kad network [...]
[1] "zugaina" layman/zugaina

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