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> Am Dienstag 09 Dezember 2014, 00:46:28 schrieb Michał Górny:
> > 2. Convert <herd/> to <maintainer type="herd"/>,
> Could any <person type="developer"/> please explain to me why this additional 
> xmlfication is of any <improvement type="nonzero"/>?
> As far as I know the typical way to edit metadata.xml files for all of us is 
> still by hand in a text editor, and I prefer a lot typing
> <herd>kde</herd>
> over
> <maintainer type="herd">kde</maintainer>

<maintainer type="herd">
  <name>Lovely KDE herd</name>

to be more precise.

This was already explained in my previous thread. Because:

1. valid <email/> is much more useful than semi-ambiguous <herd/>,

2. bug assignment in order is simpler than magical rules like
'maintainer first, herd second unless description says otherwise',

3. herds.xml is global, metadata.xml is per-repo.

Many of us *read* metadata.xml via cat or simple text editor, and don't
want to be forced to use slow tools like 'equery' to make
semi-meaningful output out of it. And I believe reading happens much
more often than writing.

That said, vim starts with useful template for metadata.xml. It's easy
to copy <maintainer/> element and fill in different e-mail addresses.
I'd honestly drop the whole type="" but a few developers insist on
keeping the extra disambiguation.

Best regards,
Michał Górny

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