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Michał Górny <mgo...@gentoo.org> wrote:

> Dnia 2014-12-08, o godz. 09:56:11
> Alexis Ballier <aball...@gentoo.org> napisał(a):
> > On Sun, 7 Dec 2014 11:37:57 +0100
> > Michał Górny <mgo...@gentoo.org> wrote:
> > 
> > > 1. No cross-compilation support. If the project proves being a
> > > success it will be readded at some point. However, I will likely
> > > fork glibc first and work on a sane crossdev alternative.
> > 
> > Could you please elaborate on this ?
> > How and why this broke, what is wrong in glibc, what would be a
> > "sane crossdev alternative" and how crossdev is not.
> 1. eblits are broken in glibc. Another case of incorrect
> interpretation of code sharing with love for breaking stable ebuilds.

its a local toolchain.eclass yes

> Plus I'd love to add multilib flags to it but we'll likely doing that
> to main glibc as well soon, if eblits don't get into our way.

keep in mind that, thanks to implicit system deps, you'll have to
use.force what your toolchain is supposed to be able to produce.

also, you'll probably face much more problems with bootstrapping
than the cosmetics of eblits: get a gcc that can compile .o for your
abi is easy, but you do not have the libc yet so can't link anything
unless you use nodefaultlibs alike switches

> 2. crossdev is broken because it creates semi-random, unmaintained
> ebuilds in randomly chosen overlay, those ebuilds relying on
> toolchain.eclass behavior.

it symlinks the dirs these days, so its not unmaintained

toolchain.eclass behavior you're referring to is probably the category
parsing to get CTARGET; this is very likely used in all other libc
ebuilds so you'll have to fix them too; not mentioning the ability to
update your cross toolchains with 'emerge world' that you cant do if
you dont feed CTARGET in some way.

> 3. I don't have any real alternative design yet. However, one 
> of the first ideas of changing crossdev is to replace copying ebuilds
> with symlinking gcc ebuild directory. This will at least ensure proper
> sync between real ebuilds and cross-ebuilds.

as said above, this is the case here


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