Sunday 07 Feb 2016 11:38:27, M.B. wrote :
> Hello folks.
> While hacking away on a new ebuild I came across the issue that
> games.eclass apparently got banned from future use. The only references
> I was able to dig up (apart from helpful people on IRC), were
> (games.eclass: use of
> games group needs to be removed wrt 20151011 Council meeting)
> and
> (A mere deprecation notice).
> In contrast, a simple "grep deprec /usr/portage/eclass/" gives numerous
> deprecation warnings; just games.eclass is not among them.
> Please provide some guidance how (community-)developers are supposed to
> handle games (in particular wrt games.eclass) in the future. This also
> includes usage of /usr/games/{bin/lib/share} etc.
> Regards,
> tomboy64

Good point. 

I too came across this problem when dealing with another bug
(games-emulation/ppsspp). A user filed a bug, complaining the ebuild wasn't
installing the compiled binary in /usr/games and suggested it should inherit
the games eclass: 

I wasn't aware of the ban too so if someone has a better solution, I'm all


Patrice Clement
Gentoo Linux developer

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