Dnia 17 lutego 2016 08:52:31 CET, Michael Sterrett <mr_bon...@gentoo.org> 
>On Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 2:39 AM, Michał Górny <mgo...@gentoo.org>
>> The games team was pretty much formed of two kinds of developers back
>then. One kind was retired developers, the other kind was developers
>who did what they cared about and ignored everything and everyone else.
>Bugs, join requests, complaints, all went ignored and games team kept
>silent claim to games in gentoo.
>False and slanderous.
>> So the first Council case against games team was that they did not
>accept any new members. Or rather, silently ignored join requests. They
>also ignored inquiries wrt the case and the Council.
>Also false.
>> The result was that the Council set up someone external to take care
>of inviting new members, and electing new team lead afterwards. As it
>could be predicted, nobody wanted to join, or rather be forced into the
>team they weren't welcome in.
>Speculative and false.
>> Then the case against policies started. The first abolished myth was
>games team sole claim to games in gentoo. Where Council pretty much
>only confirmed that they have no right for that and everyone can
>maintain game ebuilds without having games team approval or
>Making things up.
>> During the whole process, I don't recall a single reply from games
>team member.
>Well, here's at least one.
>However, I'm not sure why anyone would reply to your drama, slander,
>and lies so I'm not surprised that's been your experience.

Nice to hear from you. Please don't expect me to write things I didn't know 

So maybe games team did reply. To the people that were worthy replying to. Did 
this group include the Council or QA team?

As I see it, this only adds to your case. Ignoring messages is inappropriate at 
least. Ignoring them in order to stall others from doing their Gentoo work is 
more serious.

Best regards,
Michał Górny (by phone)

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