Alexis Ballier schrieb:
It would probably generate controversy indeed, but my comment was more
to understand what is the root of the f34R of udev being absorbed by
systemd: "it is supposedly unsupported upstream and might not work at
some point".
Well, as far as I can see, you are maintaining sys-fs/udev standalone
and don't intend to drop it. Even if you did, we could still pkgmove it
to systemd. My conclusion is that this claim of udev being a dead end
is pure FUD.

This claim was made by upstream, no less. And it refers to *running* udev without systemd as opposed to building (which upstream already made impossible).

Here is the exact wording:
"Unless the systemd-haters prepare another
kdbus userspace until then this will effectively also mean that we will
not support non-systemd systems with udev anymore starting at that
point. Gentoo folks, this is your wakeup call."

Not sure what about this is FUD.

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Chí-Thanh Christopher Nguyễn

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