there is a branch in the OpenRC github repo called supervisor.

On that branch, I am working on a lightweight daemon supervisor that
will be native to OpenRC.

It is based on start-stop-daemon, but it will stay around and make sure
that the daemon gets restarted if it dies.

It is still very rough, and not ready for production, but at this point
I would like to make everyone aware that it exists and  ask folks to go
over the code and provide comments.

It can currently launch a daemon, and I still am working on making it
restart a daemon if it dies.

This will only work for non-forking daemons; the daemon should not fork
and should not write a pid file.

One of the big questions I have is about PAM usage. Do I still need to
do that in this supervisor? If I open a PAM session, does it carry
across forks?



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