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On Sun, 8 May 2016 01:52:22 +0200 Patrice Clement wrote:
> Hi gents
> After yet another discussion about git in the #gentoo-dev channel tonight, the
> topic of merge commits came up for the umpteenth time.
> We all seem to agree merge commits are really bad design, add clutter to the
> log graph after a while and should be banned altogether from reaching the
> central repository.

No, not all of us.
> As of now, no policy is in place yet to keep developers from pushing merge
> commits.
> What is the correct course of action? I would very much like it to be worded 
> in
> a document (GLEP and/or Wiki page) so that confusion is avoided and we all are
> on the same page on this topic.

Sometimes merge commits are desired. But they should be used
wisely. Of course if used randomly and without thought they may
become disaster.

I see nothing wrong if developer makes series of large non-trivial
changes in a separate branch and then merges this branch with
current head after good testing. Another case is when some user
submits a long branch of patches and developer merges it from
external repository (with proper testing of course).

If one have problems reading logs with merge commits, use gitk
or similar tools. I had the same hate relationship towards
non-linear workflow after switching from cvs and svn to git, but
with time comes the understanding that git workflow is the right
way to go, it just takes time to get accustomed to it.

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Andrew Savchenko

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