On 5/8/16 7:25 AM, Andreas K. Hüttel wrote:
> Am Sonntag, 8. Mai 2016, 01:52:22 schrieb Patrice Clement:
>> What is the correct course of action? I would very much like it to be
>> worded in a document (GLEP and/or Wiki page) so that confusion is avoided
>> and we all are on the same page on this topic.
> * However... as the past months have shown, when using merges it is much 
> easier to accidentally mess up the entire tree than using rebases alone.
> * So, in an ideal world we would use merges wisely and sparingly.

Correct.  I don't support outright banning merge commits, but they
should be reviewed carefully, like we do with other big commits to the
tree.  So maybe proceed as follows:

1. announce to gentoo-dev@ the intention to start a branch intending to

2. hack hack hack

3. test the merge for any conflicts etc,

4. announce to the list a date/time to merge

5. if okay, ermge

> * In the real world, we risk less and also lose less if we ban and 
> technically 
> prevent them.
> * The only alternative would be to come up with criteria for merges and 
> actually enforce them (meaning, if you mess up the tree more than twice you 
> lose your push access. Hello QA.).

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