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Amadeusz Żołnowski <aide...@gentoo.org> wrote:

> I am working at the moment on debundling ejabberd. It will come with
> ~30 packages and I will do "git merge --no-ff ejabberd-debundled"
> because it will actually look less messy.
> Thanks,
> -- Amadeusz Żołnowski

Yes, this is exactly the type of merge commits that should be allowed.

Not the one or two user PR commits that might be based on a weeks old
tree, that a developer merges without rebasing.  It is these merge
commits which have caused all the grief we've experienced over merge

Merge commits should be used wisely and for larger branch merges like
the kde, gnome team's development overlay merges to the main tree or
similar larger one off project's like the one above.  It is these
larger commit branches that are much more difficult to "git pull
--rebase && git push --signed" successfully without some other pushes in
between causing a rejected non-fast forward push.
Brian Dolbec <dolsen>

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