Monday 17 Oct 2016 09:23:09, Michał Górny wrote :
> Hello, everyone.
> I'd like to point out a major problem in Gentoo: there's a fair number
> of developers who add various local workarounds to problems they meet
> and don't bother to report a bug. Worst than that, this applies not
> only for upstream problems but also to Gentoo eclass/ebuild-related
> issues.
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> Therefore, I'd like to request establishing an official policy against
> workarounds with no associated bug reports.
> Your thoughts?
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> Best regards,
> Michał Górny
> <>


You're being emotional in my opinion and as a result, are painting *all* Gentoo
developers with a broad brush. Relax. We don't need yet another policy to "fix"
two problems you've encountered, this sounds silly. To be honest, I don't
understand your 2nd example: a change was made in an eclass and as all eclass
changes, these need to be discussed either here on the mailing list or via IRC.
You seem to be maintainer of git-r3; who made the commit? did you sign off
on it? if not, why was it merged? etc. Give us a bit more context please. Your
message looks more like a rant rather than a rational proposal.


Patrice Clement
Gentoo Linux developer

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