On Monday, October 17, 2016 9:23:09 AM EDT Michał Górny wrote:
> Example: udev people had problems with MULTILIB_WRAPPED_HEADERS
> in the past. Instead of contacting me (which would result in helpful
> explanation how to do things properly), they abused bash to disable
> the check function implicitly in the ebuilds.

Should we call "bash protective services" to report the abuse? They and I have 
no tolerance for bash abusers, they should be dealt with swiftly...

Now to go abuse ksh...

> Nobody bothered to inform me of the issue there. Instead, I had to
> notice it looking at the udev ebuilds accidentally. Furthermore, in
> most of the ebuilds the workaround was no longer necessary but nobody
> bothered to check that.

How would they know to contact you? Is it documented as the work flow 

> So we have a problem that affects around a half of git-r3 packages
> (using quick grep, results inaccurate), however minor it is. Worse, it
> affects the policy of preferring https and causes some people to reject
> the policy silently. And nobody gives a damn to report it!

If you see a problem fix it. If you have something to contribute to further a 
package then make the change. That in my opinion is working as a team, 
Also report the issues/changes in the log, tends to make a better argument in 
the long run and a better learning process and environment.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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