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> No, if you think there is an issue with the Council decision, you
> should speak with the Council.  Moreover... The Council is
> responsible for technical decisions within Gentoo.  Unless it
> violates the Social Contract, I cannot see how the Trustees should be
> involved here.  They have empowered the Council to make technical
> decisions as they see fit.

There is nothing empowering the Council from the Trustees. Legally the
Trustees could have final say. The Council is not a legal body nor
formal in any legal filing. They have no say when it comes down to it
from a legal perspective.

However everything is structured such that the Council does have final
say over all technical matters. That is something the community
did, and adheres to. There is nothing, to my recollection, in Foundation
By Laws or other that would connect the two. The council has no power
over Trustees, and Trustees do have legal power over all of Gentoo.

The Trustees just abstain from technical matters, as that is the
structure the community has accepted. I am not aware of anything else
with such structure.

Nothing legally gives Council final say technically. That is just how
things are, and likely will always remain as such. Which is some what
strange as Trustees can be responsible for the actions of others.
Despite having no say in such matters till it becomes a legal issue.

IMHO I rather see a structure where Council is more like CTO. Still top
for technical, but falls under Trustees for oversight, final say, etc.
A normal structure like exists in most any business globally. They
should work together more as one vs two bodies.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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