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> >
> > The council has no power
> > over Trustees, and Trustees do have legal power over all of
> > Gentoo.  
> Sure, just keep in mind that legally Gentoo is basically nothing but a
> name and a logo.

That is what others have made it to be. It was never intended to be
such by the person who created the foundation in the first place.
Paying for those legal filings and attorney fees out of pocket! The
only time any proper IRS filings was done for Gentoo....
I have showed in -project what it was supposed to be.

Like FreeBSD Foundation, a real organization paying for development
via grants and other things...


Presently working on raising $1.25 Million USD for next year.
Look at the donors on their home page. Intel, Netapp, Versign, Netflix
even Microsoft...

Gentoo is missing out big time! But it is the communities choice. If
Gentoo is just a name and logo, that is pretty sad....
Limited vision....

William L. Thomson Jr.

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