Good day devs and users:

A couple of months ago I shared with you a similar email about my personal
project. I'm very glad to say that I'm about to release the 'beta' in a couple
of weeks.

This beta version adds new stuff like:

 -experimental TUI interface: Right now it's only designed to enable a user to
launch the installer from any specific point from installation (selecting a step
from 11 different options). But it is easily scalable to add new windows and
steps into the TUI.

 -internationalization support: Right now installer works on English and
Spanish, it would be awesome if any dev with experience in German (Mein Deutsch
ist sehr verschlechtert und ich brauche viel Übung), or any other language that
you consider would be good to have in the installer.

 -installer now installs itself inside the new Gentoo system to avoid manual
installation inside the new Gentoo system. (Thanks to NP_Hardass for the idea)

Still on the TODO list:

 -next step will be to create an ebuild for installer, I may need some help
there but it should be pretty simple.

 -still some validations: installer error messages are quite hard to understand
if you are installing Gentoo for the first time (my fault), so I'll be working
on better error messages.

 -Ask if there is a way to add installer in the liveUSB so that people don't
need to install it manually in order to begin a Gentoo installation.

As last time, you can see the repo here:

Hope you have a great weekend,
Christopher Díaz Riveros
Gentoo Linux Developer
GPG Fingerprint: E517 5ECB 8152 98E4 FEBC  2BAA 4DBB D10F 0FDD 2547

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