El vie, 13-04-2018 a las 23:00 +0000, Robin H. Johnson escribió:
> On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 10:20:23AM -0500, Christopher Díaz Riveros wrote:
> > Still on the TODO list:
> > 
> >  -next step will be to create an ebuild for installer, I may need some help
> > there but it should be pretty simple.
> > 
> >  -still some validations: installer error messages are quite hard to
> > understand
> > if you are installing Gentoo for the first time (my fault), so I'll be
> > working
> > on better error messages.
> > 
> >  -Ask if there is a way to add installer in the liveUSB so that people don't
> > need to install it manually in order to begin a Gentoo installation.
> Once it's a little further from the above (esp having a package), releng
> can potentially include it in the release media (*cd-stage1).
> Hopefully you have a very minimal set of dependencies for it, because
> the installcd is quite slim (by gentoo media standards).

Yes, that was the first requirement for the project, it must keep as minimal as

I ended up having these runtime dependencies:

GNU tar (runtime)
Iputils (runtime)
GNU coreutils (runtime)
Bash (runtime)
Util-linux (runtime)
GNU grep (runtime)
Ncurses (runtime)

And it is written in Python with support for 3.4 onwards.

I think all those are already present in a cd-stage1 or stage3 :)

I'll polish some rough edges before packaging it, then I'll let you know when I
have a functional package in my overlay so that it can be reviewed too.
Regards and thanks,
Christopher Díaz Riveros
Gentoo Linux Developer
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