On Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 6:11 PM Richard Yao <r...@gentoo.org> wrote:
> Is it a violation of the FHS? /usr is for readonly data and the portage tree 
> is generally readonly, except when being updated. The same is true of 
> everything else in /usr.

It is application metadata.  It belongs in /var.  No other packages
write to /usr when they're doing internal updates.  Obviously you need
a writable /usr to actually install package changes, but that
shouldn't be necessary just to sync the repository.

I was asking around and it seems like most distros stick their
repositories in /var/lib.  I can't imagine that too many would have
even considered sticking them in /usr.

> I am confused as to how we only now realized it was a FHS violation when it 
> has been there for ~15 years. I was under the impression that /usr was the 
> correct place for it.

It has certainly been pointed out in the past.  Nothing was changed
for the same reason that nothing will probably be changed this time -
people don't like change and the people who know better just slowly
patch around Gentoo's oddities.  Somebody was just posting a manifesto
about deploying more experimental technologies, and here we can't move
a repository out of /usr.

And if nothing else, can we at least move /usr/portage/distfiles
someplace else?  Surely you have to agree that this doesn't belong in
usr, or nested in the middle of a repository?


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