Am Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2018, 18:19:39 CEST schrieb Alec Warner:
> [...]
> +1 to this. The challenge (in moving it) is that its been "/usr/portage"
> for a long time so many tools
> may have hard coded this location; as opposed to querying portage for where
> the tree is, e.g.:
> PORTDIR=$(portageq get_repo_path / gentoo)
> -A
Some people including myself moved the tree to /var by variable definitions 
(and not wild mounting) a while ago. This configuration *is* supported for a 
while now but not the default and if tools break they have to be fixed anyway. 

(Side note: At least most of the common tools like gentoolkit parts or repoman 
work on my machines with the moved tree.)

- Nils

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