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> Also, GLEP 76 as it is written says: "Projects using this scheme must
> track authorship in a VCS, unless they list all authors of
> copyrightable contributions in an AUTHORS file."

Idea: How about using VCS as a defacto set of AUTHORS, but *also* support
an AUTHORS file that is designed to extend the content that git
provides generically.

That way you can just say something like:

"if the name appears naturally in git shortlog, you don't need to add
anything to the AUTHORS file"

And then git2rsync conversion can unify the two input sources.

nb: generating the AUTHORS file from git is naturally very time
consuming, as it requires full traversal of the entire repository.

However, there are practical ways of caching this (eg: generate it,
record the SHA1 it was generated at, then, next time, simply traverse
the subrange between HEAD and SHA1-last and update the cache based on

But that very much puts this in the realm of "things that are painful
for end consumers to actually do themselves"

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