Am 15.03.2019 20:29:11, "Matt Turner" <matts...@gentoo.org> schrieb:

On Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 7:04 AM Conrad Kostecki <con...@kostecki.com> wrote:

Do you know something about media-libs/raspberrypi-userland as well?
I'm hoping to enable libglvnd support in media-libs/mesa and
x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers soon, and this is the only other package in
Gentoo that uses app-eselect/eselect-opengl.

Do we care to keep this now that Mesa's vc4 driver is in good shape?

At least, I've somewhere my modified 9999 release, which I've fixed for myself, since there were some bugs and added eselect-opengl support to this. What do you mean exactly with libglvnd or at what do you want to know?


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