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On Donnerstag, 21. November 2019 04:32:34 CET Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier
> I noticed for some time that there seems to be two use cases for the
> gles[123] family of USE flags in gentoo repo:
> 1. enabling support of OpenGL ES, which seems interesting to have for
> more runtime choices, probably better usage of the drivers and better
> binary-compat support.
> 2. switching from OpenGL (so the full API) to Open GL ES (reduced API),
> which is an entirely different kind of action as that reduces it quite
> significantly but might be useful for machines where the drivers do not
> provide (good) OpenGL.

I just recently ran into this, putting USE=gles2 in make.conf, thinking that
only the first kind of flags existed.  Thus I second this proposal.

We could start bikeshedding about the naming (e.g. 1. gles2, 2. only-gles2, to
keep it shorter), but I don't think that will lead us anywhere and will just
delay the execution of this plan.

Thanks for proposing this!

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