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> On Donnerstag, 21. November 2019 09:11:46 CET Mart Raudsepp wrote:
> > See also this related old thread:
> > https://archives.gentoo.org/gentoo-dev/message/e04f6d321e424a237af62721d1d09
> > 211
> I think tackling the triad of opengl/gles, egl/glx, X/wayland is also a good
> idea.  Generally, all these probably have to distinguish between "support for
> XYZ" and "use only XYZ", the latter hopefully being the exception, so that the
> former can take the shorter use-flag.  That's what I don't like about the
> proposal from 2018: Globally enabling USE=gles will have different effects on
> different packages.  That's also what I like about the recent proposal: The
> flags are more explicit.

Totally agree. FWIW, we have bugs filed about this for USE=wayland [0]
and USE=USE={egl,gles{,1,2,3}}.

I would be happy to see someone take up this project. I'll be happy to help.

[0] https://bugs.gentoo.org/627714
[1] https://bugs.gentoo.org/627758

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