On Thu, Dec 5, 2019 at 8:59 AM Jason A. Donenfeld <zx...@gentoo.org> wrote:
> It's quite another to mask random packages that have USE flags to
> optionally support whatever python 2.7 library. If you're going to
> last rites these, talk with the maintainer first, and only then, send
> emails one at a time. Doing that en masse isn't appropriate.

++ - I have no idea if that happened.  For anything USE-controlled it
would make more sense to file a bug or mask the package-flag combo

> On another topic, I'd prefer for python 2.7 not to be removed from
> gentoo. Tons of code still uses it.

I'm sure a million people would share that preference.  I'm not sure
what the upstream/security status is of 2.7.  Obviously to keep it
around it would need to be reasonably secure, and somebody within
Gentoo would have to want to maintain it.  That's basically the
criteria for keeping anything like this around.  If somebody stepped
up and said "I'm maintaining 2.7 and here is why it will remain
secure..." I doubt they'd get a lot of resistance.


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