On 1/12/2020 17:32, Andreas Sturmlechner wrote:
> On Sonntag, 12. Januar 2020 23:07:24 CET Joshua Kinard wrote:
>> It might be worthwhile to treat the removal of Python-2.7 from the tree in
>> the same manner as an EAPI deprecation and removal, given how ingrained it
>> is due to its longevity.  That will minimize the whiplash-effect of emerge
>> complaining about slot conflicts and dependency conflicts.  Like I just ran
>> into w/ setuptools-'s release.
> So, no packaging of >=setuptools-45.0.0 until the end of 2020? Do you want to 
> freeze all python libs that upstreams are dropping py27 support from?

Not saying not to package it.  Right now, the issue seems to be it causes
dependency conflicts in emerge's depgraph parsing when PYTHON_TARGETS
includes python2_7 support.  Remove that and stick with python3_* only, then
other packages that need python2_7 will whine.

Did setuptools-45.0.0 remove all python2 support?  I looked at the commit
log, and it's only the title that any meaningful hint that it may have,
"dev-python/setuptools: Bump to 45.0.0 (py3 only)".  If it did, then that
change is the right change, but anyone with a userland that has a mix of
python2 and python3 is going to have difficulty getting that update to merge
in, so I really can't go higher than setuptools-44.0.0 for the time being.

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